Fungus Beta 7 released!

We're delighted to announce the availability of Fungus beta 7! This will be the last beta release before we submit Fungus to the Unity Asset Store as a free asset, so if you spot any issues please let us know on the forum or open an issue on github.

Sherlock: The Game is On! (Playable demo)

Sherlock: The Game is On! (Playable demo)

This release contains some amazing new Visual Novel storytelling features contributed by our friends at Improbable Studios, including a short demo from the game they're developing 'Sherlock: The Game is On'. Many thanks to Sara Mena for helping us with additional character artwork for the demo.

We've added dozens of productivity enhancements to make it faster to create your stories with Fungus. Powerful new flow control commands allow you to easily direct the flow of execution in your command lists, blocks and flowcharts. We've redesigned the variable save/load system to give you full control over saving game state.

The new localization system provides an easy multi-language workflow that works with any spreadsheet editing software. Writers can now export all the text in a Fungus scene to a text file, work on the story in the editor of their choice and then easily re-import the text back into the game. There's also new command reference documentation so you can find out exactly what the parameters for each command do.

Finally, huge thanks to Paul Mc Grath for putting together a comprehensive new set of tutorial videos which cover every feature of Fungus.

You can download Fungus Beta 7 now and the full list of changes for this release is available here.