Fungus Beta 8 (RC) available

Update: We've just released Fungus Beta 9 to address some minor issues. Details here.

This release fixes some bugs reported by users and adds a few handy minor features. You can grab it from the download section. Full release notes are available here.

We’ve added some new commands to interact with Unity scenes. You can now use the Spawn Object command to instantiate a prefab, and the Call Method command calls a script method by name on a GameObject. The Set Text and Get Text commands can be used to read and write text from any UI text object (e.g. from an Input Field).

There’s a new Fungus Town example scene which shows how to use Parallax Sprite objects to achieve easy parallax scrolling effects. Thanks a million to Denman Rooke for the fantastic background artwork in this scene!

For drag and drop gameplay, there’s a new Set Collider command which allows you to enable / disable groups of clickable and draggable objects with one command.

There’s also a new property to control the writing sound volume on Say Dialogs, and we’ve made some display improvements to Event Handler blocks and Views.

Unless something major turn up this is the version we’re submitting to the Unity Asset Store (as a free asset) so if you spot a bug let us know!