Fungus is now officially supporting the IGDA Write-A-Game Challenge!



The WAG challenge is upon us.  

<<The WHAT challenge?>> you ask?


Write-A-Game Challenge!

There are many reasons why we’re excited about this but mainly because it’s a game jam (1) organized by the IGDA (2) - Game Writing SIG* with a focus on the quality of the game’s writing (3) that requires no programming experience (4).

As soon as we heard about WAG it was obvious to us that the event and Fungus are a match made in heaven, and so we went ahead and after getting in touch with our friends at IGDA we agreed to officially support this fantastic jam.

We started developing Fungus as an  accessible tool for everyone who wanted to create or learn how to make narrative games but who lack coding skills or were scared of the process. Hence its low learning curve, its cross-platform compatibility as a Unity plugin and why it’s free and open-source.

And we're sticking to that credo! Because here's the thing, making games can be hard. We know what it feels like to have so many ideas and struggling to take them from your head and turn that into a playable thing. This is pity because we're missing so many different and quirky stories from awesome people that don't want to deal with technicalities. So we keep improving Fungus and try to have it to do most of the dirty work for you, offering a friendly visual programming environment that makes creating interactive stories a breeze. 

We’d like to invite you to join this fantastic and unique challenge that moves the spotlight onto one of the most underestimated yet highly valuable aspects of games, namely writing.  Whatever tool you use, be a part of it.

Having said that, we’re seriously proud of Fungus and, as game developers ourselves, we believe you'll find it very easy to use and very convenient for narrative games. Things like branched dialogue can be mastered and visualized in no time. Hopefully just what you need for WAG!

To encourage participants to create a game using Fungus for the jam we’re offering:

  • Great Fungus support both during and after the jam from the folks who wrote the software. Get in touch with us on our forum and we’ll do our level best to help you.
  • Free game hosting and profile page at for anyone who enters a game that uses Fungus. Our website is still small but we have BIG plans for it and with the imminent release of Fungus on the Unity asset store as a free asset, there’s much more to come.
  • Highlight spots for special mentions and finalists. You deserve it!
  • The top ranked Fungus game will also get one of our lovely Fungus hats as a small reward for their great work! 

So, don’t waste any time! Join the WAG challenge and get ready by watching our helpful tutorial videos that will have you set up in no time.  

We can't wait to see what you'll come up with and are looking forward to hear your feedback. There's still a lot of room for improvement and we'd appreciate if you can help us improve Fungus along the way. 

Let the WAG games begin!