Fungus brings your game to life by making it easy to add colourful characters and gripping storylines to your Unity 3D game. Its intuitive interface lets you create beautiful story games easily - for free and with no coding!

Everyone loves a good story.

Fungus helps you bring your story to life as a game! We make it easy for you to add colourful characters and craft gripping storylines, even if you have never used Unity 3D before. Our intuitive interface lets everyone create beautiful story games easily - for free and with no coding!

Fungus is popular with writers, illustrators, animators and game designers, especially visual novel & interactive fiction authors. Many people using Fungus are creating games in Unity 3D for the very first time. 

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Good times with Fungus at the Global Gamecraft game jam

Free & Open Source

We believe that interactive storytelling should be accessible to everyone, so Fungus is 100% free & open source. It works great with both the free and pro versions of Unity 3D. Fungus is inspired by other great open source storytelling tools like Twine and Ren'Py.

Our team is committed to providing fast and friendly answers to your questions no matter what your experience level. We love talking with the Fungus user community and we especially love hearing about the amazing games you’re creating!

What People Are Saying About Fungus

  • It was a pleasure to make! Fungus was super-easy to use and your timely responses on the forums were a great help! It's thanks to you that I can proudly say we've finally released our first indie game!
    — Tom-Olivier Martin, Winner of 2015 Write A Game Challenge
  • WOW! What a great engine! I’ve had a really good time using it, and it’s so easy and user friendly, I am really glad I found this as I am a beginner in Unity!
    — Raphael Blanchet
  • Fungus looks seriously amazing and I am so excited to use it in the production of a visual novel. It is a godsend.
    — David Liu, Australia
  • Fungus enables users to focus on story, while the framework takes care of narration. There are so many fantastic stories to be told, watching people bring those to life is fascinating, all made possible by Fungus.
    — Phil Bourke, Lecturer Carlow IT, Microsoft MVP
  • I’d like to thank you for the great product you guys are making :D it helped me and my team so much! We’re students making an Action RPG game and we’re using Fungus for our dialogue.
    — Daniel Nascimento, Brazil
  • The support for this library is amazing. :)
    — Lynxelia Nyx, Exec. Director Improbable Studios
  • You and your team are simply awesome.
    — Brendan Gallagher, CEO Out To Play Interactive