Fungus documentation now available!

- This is a guest post by Dr. Matt Smith

Great software deserves great documentation! The new Fungus documentation provides step-by-step recipes, reference documentation for all commands & event handlers and a handy glossary. Take a look by visiting the Learn section.

I wanted to get involved in some Open Source projects, and Fungus looked like a fun project that would benefit from how-to documentation, which is what I write all the time for all the topics I teach at ITB. I had some time on my hands since I've finished all the first drafts of my updated Unity 5.x Cookbook (coming out in the next month or so).

I wanted to learn more about custom Unity interfaces, and I am learning lots about Unity coding by looking behind the scenes at the Fungus code. What I think is great about Fungus is how it lets people do so much without having to get down to the level of Csharp programming (but offers ways to to 'talk' to code if really complicated things are needed for a big game project).

More pages will be added over time, and feel free to suggest on the forum what pages / recipes you'd like to see added to help you on your Fungus games journey

Happy Fungusing :-)

- Matt Smith