Sherlock: The Game is On

Sherlock: The Game Is On aims to explore the vast narrative potential of the Sherlock Holmes universe and interactive storytelling in general. Staying true to the original canon, players will experience the story through the eyes of John Watson and solve mysteries with the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Improbable studios is a global development staff composed of artists, writers, programmers, and audio engineers from about 40 countries around the world. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration across country lines.

The Improbable Studios team have very kindly contributed many cool features to Fungus, including the stage & portraits, custom tags & dialogue effects systems. Thanks folks! Thanks also to Sara Mena who helped us out with the beautiful character artwork for the demo.

You can play a short excerpt from the game (requires Unity Web Player plugin). This scene is also provided as an example game when you download Fungus.