Super Space Shooter

This is a group project shoot-em-up by students at Pulse College Dublin. Fungus was used to create the animated 3D sequence and character dialogue shown in the demo below.

Created by David Mulhall (Fungus elements / Audio / 3D Assets), Stephen Callaghan (Lead Programmer), Conor Brien (Programmer / Menu design), Josh Meade (3D Assets), Owen McGovern (UI)

Everything from lights and audio, to Ship movement and camera control were done using Fungus, not to mention all our story elements. I enjoyed taking something you had created and turning it on its head and for that I thank you for open sourcing your software.
— David Mulhall

Play the webplayer build in your browser now, or download the PC or Android version.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.14.55.png