Curtain is a lo-fi first person short story about a complex and toxic relationship. An ever present narrator watches and comments on every thought, and the player is coercively subsumed into their world.

Created by Llaura McGee of Dreamfeel, Curtain has won widespread critical acclaim:

  • AMaze 2015's Grand Prize for The Most Amazing Game
  • Winner of Best Game Script at the Writers Guild of Ireland awards
  • Honorable mention for IGF 2015 in the categories of 'Excellence in Narrative' & 'Nuovo' (experimentation)
  • Selected for Different Games 2015
  • Selected for Indiecade 2014
  • Selected for QGCon 2014
  • Selected for numerous GOTY lists such as Chris Priestman's, Lana Polansky, Zolani Stewart, Christine Love, Isometric Podcast, and more

You can play Curtain now for free (donations welcome).