Fungus 3.4 now on the Asset Store

Fungus 3.4 just went live in the Asset Store, so it seems like a good time to post an update about recent improvements. You can check the release notes for the full list of changes in recent releases - there's way too much to list everything here.

The coolest recent feature is probably the conversation system contributed by Leah Lee. This allows you to create lengthy character conversations and stage portrait changes using a simple but powerful text format. It's should help cut down on RSI when making those longer games :)

The Fungus website has been streamlined a bit, and we've set up some new domains.

On the coding side, all the source code has been spruced up to meet our coding standard. As well as some general best practices, all public API members are now documented which should help coders working with the Fungus API.

FungusLua has seen a big improvement in Fungus 3.4. We're now using MoonSharp 2.0, which means you can use Lua in WebGL builds, debug Lua scripts using VSCode and even debug into the MoonSharp c# source code.

In other news, we've now had 900+ forum topics which is a fantastic and constantly building source of knowledge for people using Fungus. Huge thanks to everyone who's been helping out with answering questions there!

And I just noticed Fungus now has 50 reviews on the Asset Store, all 5 stars. Thanks folks, it's a good start ;)