Fungus v2.3.0 released

This is an incremental update, with several new commands, improvements to existing commands and a bunch of bug fixes.

You can grab the latest version from the downloads section and it'll also be live on the Asset Store in a few days time. As usual, if you have questions or spot any bugs please let us know on the forum. Enjoy!


Change Log


  • SetDraggable2D command #191
  • WaitInput command #276
  • Fade UI command to fade UI objects #349
  • Read Text File command to read a text file into a string variable #344
  • Added Set Audio Pitch command #340
  • 'Center View' button to center Flowchart window on all Blocks #302
  • Clear Menu command #300
  • Set Slider Value command #297
  • Stop Flowchart command #289
  • Integration with Esoteric Spine animation system (available in Fungus/Integrations/Spine folder)


  • Added null checks in Flowchart variable accessors
  • Set Say Dialog property for characters
  • Can now specify the gameobject to shake for punch tag in Writer component
  • PlayMusic command has a loop property
  • Updated reorderable list control to v0.4.3
  • Updated to LeanTween 2.30
  • Added HasExecutingBlocks() and GetExecutingBlocks() to Flowchart class
  • Remove unused Text Width Scale property on Say Dialog
  • Can now specify a camera to use with Camera command (not just main) #319 #307
  • Can now disable Camera Z being forced by View commands #319
  • Text tags now support multiple parameters.
  • Write command now works with Text Mesh Pro text objects.
  • Writer.InstantComplete property controls click-to-complete writing.
  • Shake tag shakes camera instead of Writer game object.


  • Ensure parentBlock is set when block executes #320
  • While loop with following If doesn't loop correctly #354
  • Auto cross fade music in Play Music command #199
  • Play Music call doesn't restart if same music already playing
  • Concurrent Say commands on same Say Dialog should interrupt #356
  • CustomGUI class not in Fungus namespace #353
  • Whitespace trimming after {wc} & {c} tags #346
  • iTween commands on the same gameobject can conflict #342 #303
  • Show Sprite should affect child sprites #338
  • Null reference if command classes have same name #312
  • End command indents when not matched with an If #308
  • Draggable objects behaving incorrectly #310
  • Inactive localizeable game objects are now also cached #322
  • SceneManager warnings in Unity 5.3
  • Fixed Windows store build 268
  • Fixed Writer beep timing issues in WebGL #295
  • Removed say command from Flowchart prefab