Sunset's Ashes

Experience the short story of Alex and Nic as they share memories with each other while climbing a mountain together for the first time. For years, Alex has been going for climbs, and trying to get Nic to join. Outdoor trips for her always meant renting a live-in recreational vehicle, but she’s leaving her comfort zone and do this one climb. It’s a chance for them to remember their lives together and know why this climb is so important. 

It features multiple scenes as they climb through different parts of the mountain to reach the summit. There will be an option to travel up a certain path during the experience, which provide different story elements between the characters. 

You can check it out on Steam's Green light here!: Link

Additional Info:

Writer/Developer, Alex Papp,
Background Artist, Bardia Kiani,
Character Artist, Hilma Khuriroy,
Composer, Paige Lehnert,
Title Art, Anya McNaughton,