Mysterious Fungus - DT508

The 'Mysterious Fungus' game jam was a jam that had students of DIT's first year game design class, make a sequel or installment in a fictional genre franchise. 

The rules for the jam were as follows:

The story should be inspired by a tv-show or book you *vaguely* remember from childhood, but don't copy those charcaters, they should be your own characters. You can research ideas and thoughts, but you should try and refrain from looking up the original source directly.

The game should start halfway through the story, ie, in the middle of the book or after the ad break.

- Evoke a very specific place full of details and specificity
- Create 3 characters and character sheets
- Create 3 scenes with dialog.
- Include the 3 Excel character sheets. You can create your own, template inc with notes.

Check out the collection here! :