Steal My Artificial Heart

On an android moon colony, a brutal murder of a metal madam seeds mystery in a cobalt-collar bar. Piece it together in this beautifully-illustrated neo-noir whodunit.

Developed by Team Gigglesquid, it's being offered as part of the Antholojam pay-what-you-want bundle. All games in the bundle are playable in-browser here, and if you're feeling generous (ah go on!),  you can buy the bundle here. 

I gathered a team together and made a visual novel in a month for #antholojam. Fungus was the solution I decided on, since I don’t have a lot of coding experience and, at that point, I only had two weeks left to put the game together! I’m immensely grateful for Fungus, and I heartily recommend it to anyone else who’s interested in creating visual novels!
— Deman Risu, Team Gigglesquid

Created by: Damon Reece, Craig Hamilton, Kimberly Parker, Peter Keenan & Kris Holton