Write A Game Challenge 2015

We're always really excited to see and share what people make using Fungus.

The recent Write A Game (WAG) Challenge had a number of great entries whose creators decided to use Fungus. Here's a list of those that we are aware of (if we missed any, please let us know on the forum):

The Hollow  (Winner Pro Category)

Created by:   Out Of The Loop
Game Page:

In The Hollow, you play as a huntsman who is forced to search for his daughter after she mysteriously vanishes from the forest's edge. With the help of your daughter's creepy talking doll, you will encounter satyrs, basilisks and other stranger characters.


The Bottom Of The Well  (Winner Amateur Category)

Created by:   Wolfrug
Game Page:

This visual novel centres around Alice, who has had a very disturbing dream about the imminent apocalypse. The story is told through a chat dialogue with her friend, as Alice pieces together what happened and what her dream might mean.



Created by:   Lucid Level Games
Game Page:

Join Celia's adventure as she loses herself in this science-fiction Wonderland. This visual novel features multiple endings and branching dialogue. 


The Meteva Accident

Created by:  Marcin Ruszkiewicz
Game Page:

The Meteva Accident, which happened on the 4th of May 2029, was one of greatest setbacks in biotech research of the twenty-first century. You all should be at least familiar with it, since it's still a part of the history program in schools everywhere. But there's some probability you weren't paying attention, so this game will give you a short reminder. 



Created by:  SpideyJ
Game Page:

A woman searching space for answers, her only company a rapidly deteriorating AI and memories of lost loves.